Business Planning Resources

Questions to Ask Yourself:

Here are some things to consider before contacting SEDC:

  1. What product or service are you looking to sell?
  2. Have you identified or researched your market?
    • Who are your customers?
    • Who are your competitors?
  3. What start-up costs (registration & licensing, building, equipment, supplies, etc.) do you expect?
  4. Have you considered what form your business would best operate under? (ie: sole proprietorship, limited partnership, corporation)
  5. What financing may be needed? 
  6. Do you have equity (cash or in-kind) to contribute to the business?
  7. Are you going to develop a sales & marketing plan?
  8. Have you projected your production costs?
  9. What Federal or Provincial regulations affect your business? (environmental, health, safety, etc.)

These are only some of the questions which need to be investigated when looking at starting a new business.

Business Advisory Services

  • Assistance in Business Plan Preparation and Review
  • General Business Information & Demographics
  • Government Programs & Training re: Business Management
  • Export Readiness Information
  • Assistance in negotiating loan packages with other lending institutions

Understanding Business Terms

Annual Projection Worksheet

Dealing With Your Banker

Business Plan Guide