Putting You On The Path To A More Successful Small Business

The Saugeen Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) and Community Futures program supports your small business by offering loans of up to $300,000 to start, expand, or diversify. Real Estate acquisitions, leasehold improvements, equipment, inventory, and working capital can all be financed with support from SEDC.

Whether you’re starting a new enterprise or expanding an existing one, if you feel that you have a strong concept and business plan, we recommend that you contact us. Our staff will work with you to determine the plan’s feasibility and explore all possible alternatives available.

Applying For A SEDC Loan

Step 1: Let’s Connect

Give us a call at 519-799-5750 or email
Before you submit your application, we would be happy to meet with you to discuss your needs and determine if there is a role for us to play in your business project.

Step 2: Application

Please complete our online application and submit with a business plan, at least 2 years of cash flow projections, and if applicable, year end financial statements as well as year to date in-house statements. 

Step 3: Review

We review everything that has been provided. At this point, you would be contacted for further information if required. We are committed to providing you with an efficient review process and timeline. We will be in touch throughout the process.

Step 4: Decision

If we decide to invest in your business, we will contact you to review and discuss the next steps to prepare all the documents.

Step 5: Ongoing Support

During the investment review and beyond, our team is here for additional support. If we are unable to support your business, we will help you find other options.

Applications For An SEDC Business Loan

Applications, disclosure and release forms available for download:

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