YSTOP is a soft-skills training program for youth between Gr. 8 - 11!

According to both the Skills Gap Study and the Employer One Survey developed by the Four County Labour Market Planning Board, local employers are having a difficult time finding employees with the necessary "soft skills" to thrive in the workplace. 

In order to address some of these "soft skills gaps", we are offering a FREE, 7-week Youth Skills Training Opportunity Program, (YSTOP for short), in Walkerton for youth in Grades 8-12 at the Walkerton District Community School. The session will run from March 22nd, 2018 to May 3rd, 2018. 

Our hope is that by participating in these workshops, youth will be more "job-ready" - whether it be for seasonal work, part-time employment or an apprenticeship program. We also hope that local employers will give careful consideration to youth who have the Certificate of Completion on their resume; indicating they are serious about being prepared to join the workforce. 

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