RTO7: COVID-19 Recovery Support

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Who is eligible:
Tourism Operators

  • defined as a consumer facing organization that has direct access to the tourism consumer and relies directly on that consumer for their income
  • Must have been in business one year from the date of application
  • Must:
    • be currently serving the tourism consumer within BruceGreySimcoe, OR
    • have served the tourism consumer at some point since April 2021, OR
    • be planning to serve the tourism consumer within 45 days of the application date (e.g. a seasonal business)
  • Tourism Operators are permitted to apply for other similar programs from other assistance programs
  • Available on a “First Come, First Served” basis until funds are allocated
  • You may access this program (and vice-versa) if you have benefitted from RTO7’s Consumer Confidence Video or Image (under Resources) or Operations Implementation Program (under Programs), however you cannot be reimbursed for the same expense twice
  • You may only apply once for this program

What can you expect:

  • RTO7 will reimburse 50% of your eligible capital expenditures related to COVID safety and security (e.g. a patio expansion by a restaurant to accommodate more patrons, furniture, heaters, barriers, large scale sanitization equipment, booking and POS systems, etc.). Reimbursement is a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $2,000 pre-tax.

What’s expected of you:

  • You will need to meet/agree to the requirements in the application below (please let us know if you have questions about the application – these requirements are not onerous)
  • You will need to provide copies of receipts for the pre-tax amount you are claiming

This fund is made possible by the Government of Ontario and the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries.

Download the Application Form and submit application to Alex at ahogan@rto7.ca

Have questions? Email ahogan@rto7.ca