Continuous Flow Wastewater Treatment Unit

MS 5 MDB SS 5 gpm fully automated, continuous flow wastewater treatment unit engineered for optimum fluid and solids management.

This low height space saving design takes full advantage of the reactant based powders for contaminant removal from waste water and providing clean water for re-use or discharge. Rated at 5-7 gpm a variable speed feed hopper dispenses the reactant alongside the incoming water in the mix chambers where separation and encapsulation of the contaminants occurs. Variable speed mixers enhance the process. Solids are removed using a 28” filter cloth on a self-indexing filter bed. The clean water passes through the filter cloth into a collection tank and is discharged or stored for re-use.

L- 148”, W- 72”(includes width of stairs), H-80”

220 volt, SINGLE PHASE, 30 amp

Unit is fabricated from 304 stainless steel, de-burred and swirl finish polish.

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